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9tro Group Pte Ltd


NorthStar@AMK #06-14 569880 Singapore

Phone: +65 6570 1610

Fax: +65 6570 1672

Other information

Other information:

9tro Group Pte Ltd’ aims to become the leading and definitive automotive lifestyle company in Singapore and beyond. To achieve that, we are sub-divided into three separate yet synergistic divisions. Our aim is to update followers on the latest automotive news and trends, to progressively introduce and promote motorsports by disseminating information and updates to our audience. We also want to gradually educate and share limitations and extremities of automotive tuning, not to mention the bridging of various elements of lifestyle and entertainment within and without the automotive industry.

List of Publications

  • 9tro Magazine
  • BLACK Magazine

Contact Details

  • Editorial: Mr. Hong Tsui (Publisher, Managing Director)