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MPAS recommends its members adopt the following guiding principles when operating in today’s market:

Define your audience

When magazines or websites sell advertising they are selling access to an audience. Therefore, we recommend that publishers define their audience

  • Numerically via circulation auditing i.e. ABC and BPA auditing;
  • Qualitatively via independent research i.e. Neilsen, etc;
  • And, in the context of the whole of the market as described by industry research i.e. Ibis.


Circulation Auditing should be done via ABC or BPA if the publication is sold or is made available free-of-charge. 

As an association we recognize that there are some legitimate cases where ABC or BPA auditing is not always appropriate: 

  • The publication is less than 12 months old
  • The publication frequency is biannual or annual

Readership research

Industry research provides a context for understanding the magazine’s own position within the market, and should be obtained from independent research companies operating within the industry, such as Nielsen, Synovate etc... 

Educate marketers about measurement 

As representatives of MPAS, members often play an advisory role for their clients; they should be knowledgeable about and be prepared to educate advertisers on:

  • ABC and BPA circulation auditing;
  • Readership research; and
  • Market size and qualities.